Mission & Goals

The INMB aims at fostering the interdisciplinary research of scientists of different knowledge domains, in order to improve the education and soft skills of students in Biology Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, Medicine, etc. and to help accelerating the innovation process in basic research, industrial applied R&D, and clinical translation.

The INMB serves as a platform of knowledge exchange across the borders of specialized scientific societies for coordination of multidisciplinary work, and thus acts complementary to the existing societal structures.


The main objectives of the INMB are

  • Coordinate research activities contributing to molecular imaging
  • Coordinate and participate in the organization of scientific workshops and conferences
  • Allocate deficiencies and limits of existing procedures, clinical protocols, quantitative methods, and contribute to standardization of protocols
  • Formulate the scope and targets of future research
  • Build liaisons to international societies with similar scopes
  • Provide links to other sciences and associations with related scopes but different focus (in-vitro-diagnostics, pharmaceutics, biotechnology, micro- and nanotechnologies, infomatics, ...)
  • Provide position-papers for decision makers on clinical and economic benefits

The INMB works with minimal bureaucratic and financial efforts. Additionally, it is not set out to launch an own society or scientific journal. The INMB does not aim at replacing the work of specialized groups in established societies, but to complement them by initializing, chaperoning, coordinating of multidisciplinary activities

Each year a workshop of the INMB is organized by members of the network working in different locations in Germany. All interested researchers and students – beyond their participation in a defined scientific society – are invited. For more information see events.