Welcome to the webpage of the "Network Molecular Imaging of the German Professional Societies" (German: Interdisziplinäres Netzwerk Molekulare Bildgebung, INMB).

This network was founded in 2005 as a complement to the existing societies in Germany in related research fields. In this context, the INMB is a lean organization which serves as a platform

  • for exchange of knowledge across the borders of the societies
  • for coordination of multidisciplinary work in the molecular imaging field.

So far, the INMB is endorsed by:


Deutsche Gesellschaft für Medizinische Physik - DGMP

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nuklearmedizin - DGN

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Radioonkologie - DEGRO

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Biomedizin und Medizin Technik im VDE - DGBMT

Deutsche Röntgengesellschaft - DRG


The network acts on the base that the molecular imaging field is a synthesis of many medical, scientific and technological trends which are pursued in different working groups within established German societies, housing medical professionals, scientists and engineers.